Easy Steps To Clean Your Portable Ice Maker

Ice is very useful in picnics and events in keeping refreshments cool and delicious. There are so many other situations that require ice and when you have an ice maker, you do not have to worry about the amount of ice that you require. Portable ice makers are efficient and quick in making the ice and you will also find them in different styles so you can select the unit that you love the most. They are also very easy to use since you only need to fill the water reservoir to start the ice making process.

Ice type and size, production rate, additional functions and the price are some of the most important considerations you should make when hunting for a reliable ice maker. But you should also not forget to check how easy it will be to clean the appliance and maintenance requirements. Fortunately, most portable ice makers are easy to clean and in just a few steps you will have a clean and hygienic unit ready to serve your ice needs.

Step 1 – Empty the ice maker and unplug it from the wall. Unplugging is necessary to keep you safe from any electric shock as you clean the unit. It should not be that hard to remove any ice that could still be in the machine.

Step 2 – Remove ice tray out of the interior part of the machine and set it aside. Simple unhooking is all you need to do to move the tray from the machine. Removing it gives you an easier time cleaning it your ice maker and the tray as well.

Step 3 – Wipe down the portable ice maker. A soft cloth is what you should use when cleaning the interior part of the unit. Clean all walls to eliminate buildup and to clean a really dirty maker, then you should consider adding a few tablespoons of vinegar on your cleaning cloth so that you have an easy time cleaning up buildup and impurities that could be in it. This is also a very good way of getting rid of calcium build up that is caused by hard water run through the machine.

Step 4 – Now wipe down the tray in the same way you did the unit. Scrub as necessary to remove buildup that could be there. You can also use vinegar on the tray to ensure a thorough clean. You can then replace the ice tray and plug the machine back in.

Step 5 – Run cleaning cycle with small vinegar amount or lemon juice. The cleaning cycle is also very important to run right before using your new ice maker. It helps in removing the common plastic taste and smell that comes with new machines because of the manufacturing process.

Step 6 – After running the cleaning cycle, now run a normal cycle. You can use warm, clean water to run once of two cycles so that any leftover vinegar or impurities are cleared off the machine. You can then use a soft cloth to wipe down machine exterior. Warm water can be used to scrub off any dirt or dust that is latched on the ice maker.