Top 10 Tips for Property Maintenance

If you are responsible for the upkeep of a property, then it is in your interest to ensure that it is properly maintained. Performing regular maintenance checks and implementing simple preventative measures can help to minimise the cost, as well as the disruption of carrying out repair work. Effective property maintenance can also be a good way to ensure that you are made aware of any potential issues before they become more substantial problems. With this in mind, here are 10 top tips for good property maintenance:

1. Seeking Leaking

Water damage can cause chaos if it’s not caught early. Look for leaks after heavy rain or on very humid days (when pipes will sweat) to ensure that there are no soft spots on the roof, walls or ceilings. You should also keep an eye out for dampness and mould, which can cause significant damage and pose certain health risks.

2. Up on the Roof

Roof damage can also go unnoticed until it’s too late if not checked. During the warmer weather, remember to clear away any pebbles or moss which may have collected during the winter months and check for loose tiles or other signs of damage.

3. Time to Vent

Inspect flashing around chimneys and vents whilst examining the roof. Without regular sweeping and clearing, chimneys can become hazardous, as they may be housing birds’ nests, allowing the accumulation of creosote or be suffering from structural damage.

4. Out of the Gutter

Drains and gutters should be checked and cleaned on a regular basis. This may seem relatively simple, but it can prove crucial in avoiding blockages and breakages, and is well worth including in your regular maintenance checks.

5. Don’t Wait, Insulate

Not only will insulating your pipes help to keep costs down, but it can also prevent them from freezing and bursting during winter. Investing in draft excluder for windows and doors, as well as good boiler insulation, can also be a simple cost-effective way of minimising energy bills.

6. What it Boils Down to

Similarly, it is worth having your boiler serviced regularly to ensure that it is functioning effectively. This can also be key in avoiding the need for emergency repairs. In addition, if your property has an older boiler installed, then you may want to consider upgrading to a newer model which is likely to be more efficient.

7. Clip, Trim and Prune

Plants, shrubs and tree branches which grow up or onto your property can bring with them insects and moisture. Both can prove detrimental to the exterior of a property and so it is worth including a little horticultural maintenance in your property upkeep.

8. Testing, Testing

Another task which you will certainly want to add to your property maintenance checklist is testing the fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. In the event of a fire or gas leak, having detectors which are in good working order is likely to prove crucial.

9. It’s Electrifying

If you’re not qualified to check electrical equipment, then it is worth enlisting the assistance of someone who is. Rather than waiting for an electrical fault to occur, it is wise to take the preventative measure of regular electrical checks.

10. Filter It Out

Finally, if your property has an air conditioning unit installed, then you will need to ensure that you change the filters at least twice a year. Failure to do so can lead to such systems malfunctioning, meaning that air may become contaminated.