Why is low voltage lighting better than line-voltage lighting?

Modifiable: Low voltage lighting is versatile. Low voltage lighting allows for more freedom than traditional line-voltage lighting. Low voltage lights can also be placed around your house in-ground, pavers and along driveways without having to pre-plan or wire. You can place low-voltage lights high up in trees to illuminate the yard. No junction boxes are required.

Reliable: Line-voltage lighting has a limited range of options and is more difficult to find the right type of light fixture for your application. Copper and brass are two of the most popular options for outdoor lighting. They are also the only materials that will not corrode. It is difficult to find copper and brass line-voltage fixtures, and they are often quite expensive. Many of these fixtures are made from plastic or other cheaper metals that will quickly corrode, especially in Florida. Low voltage lighting will offer a greater variety of materials that can be used in your home and will last for a long time.

How to Use Low Voltage Lights in Your Landscape

Low voltage lighting can be used in many ways to improve your home’s landscape.

  1. Low voltage path lights can be used to enhance safety and highlight outdoor walkways. These fixtures can also be used to outline your garden or landscape bed so that all the details are visible.
  2. Patio Lights- Low voltage lighting can be used to brighten your deck or patio to create an inviting and warm atmosphere. Patio lighting can help you define your home’s architectural elements and increase curb appeal.
  3. Step lights – If you have steps leading to your front or rear door, low voltage lighting will help ensure safety for guests and yourself.
  4. Spotlights-Spotlights can be used to highlight specific areas in your yard, such as trees and other areas that are not as easily lit by the sun. Spotlights can also be used to light low-voltage areas with a variety of bulbs.

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