Hardwood Flooring

Whether you would like to repair or refinish your existing hardwood floors or install new ones, you already know the beauty and value that hardwood floors can add to your home.

There are differing opinions about the difficulty of installing and refinishing hardwood floors. Some sources encourage novice do-it-yourselfers to install a hardwood floor. Others warn of the difficulties which may arise, like warping, buckling and squeaking, to name just a few.

Not a simple process Bear in mind that installing a hardwood floor involves a lot more than simply nailing down some boards. You need to account for details such as the type of surface underneath the hardwood, moisture and humidity, temperature variations, and various other factors that come into play before, during and after the actual installation process. For refinishing your hardwood floor, some hardwood floor manufacturers recommend that only professional refinishers handle the job.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. If you think you have the knowledge and skills to install, sand and finish your floor, go for it. If you lack the know-how and are more apprehensive about the physical and financial risks involved in doing it yourself, you can easily find a qualified professional through this site. Click the link to access a list of local hardwood flooring contractors in your area.

How to choose a real professional Just a note of caution: with the recent surge in popularity of hardwood floors, some carpet installers have been including hardwood floor installation among their services, yet they lack the proper experience. One way to ensure you’re dealing with a knowledgeable wood floor installer is to ask them what type of moisture meter they use. If they don’t have a ready answer, or admit that they don’t use one, then they may not be qualified for the job. You can certainly get a cheaper price from unqualified installers, but remember that you get what you pay for.

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