What to Look for in a Professional Arborist

It is important to take care of the surrounding trees to preserve their health and to add more years to its lifespan. There are cases when you need a professional arborist Melbourne firm to take care of these since you cannot handle this on your own. It can be that you need for trimming, pruning, watering, and even for emergency removal. When you think that you need professional help for taking care of your trees, you can hire the services of an arborist Melbourne agency. You have to know what arborist to choose once you decide to hire one. Here are some factors to consider:

Look for the credentials of a certified arborist.

The arborist has to be a member of a professional organization like the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). Being a member of this organization makes you committed to a certain standard of quality and compelled to adhere to the best practices when it comes to trees and caring for them.

Don’t forget to acquire valid references from any arborist on your list.

Once you find prospective arborists, make sure that you get valid character references from each of them. When you are able to contact such character references, you have to do some validation. Contact each one and ask about the services offered and the expertise level and specialization of the arborist agency. You may also check Yelp and Google My Business reviews.

Always consider the arborist’s rates to be fair according to the market rate.

It may be somewhat costly to hire an arborist Melbourne firm to provide a professional tree service. An arborist has to be certified, insured, and must possess the special machinery and tools to provide tree-related services. That’s why what you must look for are fair market rates. You have to be wary of those who offer low estimates since you may not be able to receive top-quality services. For you to choose appropriately, look at multiple bids first.

Stay away from those that do excessive pruning.

Bear in mind that expert and highly knowledgeable arborists do not recommend topping a tree or engaging in drastic pruning. These can injure the trees and consequently make them hazardous to people. Once they recommend excessive pruning, it’s best for you to look for an alternative agency. A highly professional arborist would recommend different options for your specific tree conditions and circumstances.

Avoid arborists who climb trees using spikes.

If you are looking for an arborist, don’t hire one who uses spikes and spurs when they tend to your tree. Doing so causes cuts on the tree trunk which can be the entry point of diseases and insects. These can weaken the tree in the long run and may even result in its death.

Always be wary of those arborists that offer flyers or cold calls and those who knock on your door.

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