How Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems Benefit You

A winter without some form of heating would be sheer agony for anybody! Central heating could however be a stuffy and very irritable method of keeping yourself warm during those cold winters. Therefore, why not look for alternative methods of preserving the heat that is already within your home? As a good resources material, you could check out the ASHRAE HVAC Handbook 2008 which contains extensive information about better environmentally friendly homes.

Heat recovery ventilation is mostly utilized in climates that are cooler, where you’ll bring in fresh and cool air into your house, but in the process partly preheat that with the outgoing air, therefore the term heat recovery system. According to the Alternative Technology Association (ATA), this particularly becomes quite important if your outside temperatures are in the region of minus 20C. ATA is a not-for-profit, organisation promoting sustainable building, the usage of renewable energy and water conservation globally since 1980.

A HRV system is basically a specially made ventilation unit which may be conveniently installed in your house to give you enhanced air circulation and movement. It works to ventilate your home via specifically-designed internal air filters.

What are the Benefits?

HRVs come with numerable advantages both for you and your family, as well as for the wellbeing of your home. Among the most notable benefits include:

– Because of an increased number of occupants in your household leading cramped environment, the standard home is frequently shown to contain higher carbon dioxide and water vapour levels in the air than what is typically healthy for the average single person. HRV systems assist in providing a fresher indoor environment through expelling this excessively stale air from your home. This also helps in alleviating the symptoms of different allergies, such as hay fever and asthma.

– HRV units could be fitted in your attic space, roof or attic space, or even mounted anywhere on any of your home walls. You could also be a DIY enthusiast and install it yourself! Even when you call in a professional to install the system for you, it only takes a short while, hence not too costly in terms of labour charges.

– HRVs are not only easy to install, but they also are really easy in their operation too. Most of them are managed via one electrical connection. They are then managed through an internal panel placed on your wall which helps you in selecting your preferred optimum fan speed. As such, you’ll never have to be anxious about having to frequently replace old worn out batteries or the unit breaking down on you altogether.

– Because it comes with speed selection, you’ll not need to worry about the noisy HRV internal mechanics and if it becomes too noisy as it churns on at full speed when your guests are around, just hush it up!

– A HRV system is an excellent way to avoiding having all your windows open most of the time and having all manner of unpleasant draughts continuously battering their way through the home.

– As a result of that heat you’re preserving due to better insulation and efficient ventilation, your home will now also become more efficient in terms of usage than before. This certainly should be a welcome saving on your energy bills!