Thermal Image Camera – No Mold Is Good Mold

The thermal image camera is a latest technology that has many functions in so many fields like medicine, electrical, and the entertainment industry. But one important usage of this is to detect water and mold damage.

Thermal imaging camera is used in this way, to detect moisture, commonly in areas wrought by devastation caused by hurricanes, tornadoes, storms and even heavy rains.

To get you acquainted with a thermal imaging device, it converts infrared radiation such as heat patterns and associated temperatures into a visible image. It is a non-destructive way of picking up heat signatures. You can differentiate normal temperatures from high temperatures while observing the image projected from the camera because the former is depicted in grayscale while the latter is depicted in color.

For colors like white, it indicates extreme hotness while yellow, orange and red signifies regular hot spot areas. On the other hand, colors such as violet, blue and green will alert you to the possibility that moisture in objects that you are testing may cause potential mold damage if you do not mitigate it right away. The color chart that comes with these instruments is straightforward but it does take some experience to really understand what you are seeing and what to do about it.

It is for this reason that we recommend that you go ahead and take your readings, then consult with a professional in the field before getting to any level of paranoia or anxiety attack. If you do see any unusual readings, stay calm and seek professional advice. Even if you are correct in determining that there is a serious concern as indicated by your data, in all likelihood, your issue has been around for months or even years so do not panic.

If issues are caught early, you will be sure that you will be saving your self a lot of money by correcting the situation early on.

This is the way you can look out for your self and have the protection and safety that you deserve. Protect yourself; protect your investment from going to decay with a thermal image camera. It will help you detect and prevent damages brought on by mold, mildew, rot and other issues caused by moisture build-up.