Hurricane Landscaping Considerations

When landscaping your yard in a region known to have hurricane strikes, which hit the shore-line you need to consider various ways to protect your home. This means you need to think about your landscaping.

For instance a nice white picket fence may be something you have always dreamed of, but if it is not built properly that white picket fence could become 100 white picket missiles flying at your home at over 120 mph. Can you now see why landscaping is a huge consideration during the 2006 Atlantic tropical hurricane season and why you must take into consideration your landscaping needs, desires and the potential eventuality of the major hurricane strike in your region?

This is not to scare anyone, but rather to make you think and consider ways to better protect your home and your largest investment, as well as your family from potential injury or harm ahead of time. Proper planning in landscaping for hurricanes in advance of these wicked and devastating storms makes sense and your neighbors will also thank you because as that hurricane passes some of those white picket missiles will be blowing the other direction across the street into their homes.

We have all seem pictures of cars sitting on top of someone else’s roof or in a tree. We have also seeing trees fallen on homes from next door. You need to remove any branches from any trees which look like they will be falling soon and you need to think more about your landscaping and what might fly away and how best to remove flood waters away from your home. Consider all this the 2006