Tree Landscaping

Trees are a landscaping tool that many people use to make a yard more lush and inviting. However, planting and landscaping with trees is not something that you can just waver back and forth on. They are a landscaping commitment, because they are not easily moved. That is why it is so important that you research your tree choice to ensure that you choose the right tree for your lawn and your life. Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind when landscaping with trees.

Tree Size When Fully Grown

The sycamore is one tree that you can choose that grows very large. This tree also gives you ample shade, lives a long time, and grows quickly. This tree grows very large and that is why you need to determine whether it fits in your particular sized yard. There are trees in all different sizes that will work great for any lawn, no matter what size.

Where to Plant Your Tree

You need to consider tree placement in your landscaping design. You want to take into consideration how close the tree is going to be with your home, because you want to avoid damage to your room from heavy limbs. You also need to take into account where power and other utility lines are so that you can avoid trouble there, too.

Needed Sun

Check the requirements of your particular tree to see if it needs to have a great deal of sunlight or if it prefers more shady areas. The dogwood tree is one tree that enjoys partial to mostly shady areas. Determine what tree will work best in your particular area.

The Right Soil and Area

Soil that drains well is a necessity for trees to thrive. Ensure that your planting area has sufficient drainage. You will also need to consider the locations of walkways and entrances to ensure that tree roots will not cause problems and wet leaves will not cause a hazard, such as slipping, on your sidewalk.

Tree Maintenance

When choosing a tree to plant, you need to find a tree with a root ball that is the same size as the trunk’s thickness and the crown size. Check to ensure that no cuts are in the tree’s bark, as well. The hole that you dig should be approximately the same size as the tree trunk.

Using Trees as Borders

Your home and property will be enhanced by adding trees as a border. They are not only a beautiful border option, they can also give you several other benefits, too. Privacy is the largest benefit that trees offer. Simply by lining up trees, you can help to give your lawn and home a natural privacy screen. Landscaping with trees can also help to give your home protection from sunshine and wind. They shade your home during the summer months and they can help to block the wind during the cold winter season.