How to Trap a Possum With Ease

Possums are also known as opossums. Actually, they are nocturnal marsupials and feed on food. These animals can be seen in the Western Hemisphere. When cornered, possums pretend to be dead. Possums love to reside in crawlspaces, attics, near gardens and under porches, among other places. Trapping possums becomes a must if they start to become destructive. Use the following tips for trapping a possum with ease.

First off, you should arrange a trap that can be used to trap a possum.

· You can get one at your local store.

· Now, you should get a wire cage measuring 12 inches x 12 inches x 30 inches. The distance between wires must be 2.5 inches. Moreover, the door of the cage should be big enough so the animal could easy get inside easy but must not get out.

· Set up the trap where you often see the possums wander about.

· Consider placing the trap in your attic, close to the middle if you have found the possum there.

· Put the trap below the porch if the possum is often seen there.

· If you see the possum running near the crawl space of your home, you should place a trap at the entrance as well.

· If you often see the possum playing with your other animals, you should place the trap close to them. For the most part, food left by other animals can attract possums.

Bait your trap.

· You can use almost any type of food as bait. Actually, possums eat up almost anything that comes in their way. However, they are fond of eating pet food, tuna, marshmallows, leftovers and fruit, just to name a few.

· To lure the possums in a better way, you can put the bait at the entrance of the trap.

· You may also want to put some bait at the backside of your trap in order to attract possums.

· You should check on the trap several times a day to find out if any possum has been trapped.

· As soon as a possum has been trapped, you should empty your trap.

· You should then call in your local animal control professionals. The experts will remove the animal from the trap carefully. As a matter of fact, these experts are expert on dealing with possums and a variety of other animals.

You can also choose to release the possum in the nearby woods. However, calling in a professional is the best idea.