The Best Ways To Kill Fleas In Your Home

Fleas have become common pests in our everyday environment. This is especially true in our homes where our pets are more than likely to attract a huge number of fleas. Fleas multiply exponentially in environments they find suitable. They will continue to thrive and multiply in your home until you decide to fight back. You can ask for help from professional pest controllers to kick them out of your home or you can do it yourself. The convenience and lower costs of doing it on your own far outweigh the need for professional services. Here are a couple of tips on the best ways to kill fleas in your homes.

You should begin with thoroughly clean your entire house. This includes washing all your clothes, bedding. Machine-wash all of these items in hot water using a suitable detergent that doubles up as a disinfectant. You should also scrub your carpet and clean all the upholstery present in your home. Using hot water and a disinfectant detergent kills all the fleas present on these items and washes them away.

Secondly, you should vacuum your house more frequently. You should also vacuum it with a bit more intensity and care, ensuring that you do not miss any spots especially when it comes to your carpet. You should vacuum every bit of your floor even if it means using vacuum attachments to get under areas covered by immovable furniture. Throw away the vacuum bag or empty it into the trash when you finish vacuuming. The final destination for all the fleas you have trapped in the trashcan will be the trash van. Your home will finally be free of these fleas.

Thirdly, you should also sprinkle some diatomaceous earth on your floor. A little bit of slat with also do the trick. These two elements are desiccant elements. They are safe for both you and your family but are lethal to fleas. They kill fleas by dehydrating them. You should not use these elements if you have young ones who frequently play on the floor of your home. It is not lethal to them but it may cause them to develop minor skin irritations.

Finally, you should take good care of your pet by washing it frequently with anti-flea shampoo. These shampoos are readily available at your local pet shop. They will kill all the fleas present on your pet and thus prevent these fleas from finding a safe haven in your home.

These are the best ways to kill fleas in your home. Go on, try them today and live in an environment free of flea irritation. Do not hesitate to call in the professional help if you need any further assistance.