What Should You Look for in a Weed Extermination Company?

Everyone has problems with weeds. They grow in between the cracks in the concrete and some ever grow out of the brick in older homes. If you have any sort of vegetation in your garden, then you will know what weeds look like and you will want to get rid of them.

Store Bought Products

You might have thought that you could save yourself some money on the cost of hiring an exterminator, by buying a weed killer, which is sold in many garden centers.

Whilst this will be a quick fix and you will be able to get rid of some weeds for the season, they will return next season. This is because there are different types of weeds and they all grow in similar conditions. As a result, one weed killer might be effective on one weed but not the other.

Therefore, it seems like the most cost effective option is to hire an exterminator company that can get rid all of the weeds in one go and you won’t have to hire them again. You might have to hire them if you move but other than that, your weed problem will have been taken care of.

If you think that you need an exterminator, then read on for more information about the methods, which the best companies use.


You should expect a good weed exterminator to use herbicides. Herbicides are chemicals and whilst they are found in the weed killer that you can buy in the store, it is the method in which they are used that makes the exterminator company a lot more effective.

The exterminator will require that you stay away from the area when he or she is applying the herbicides. They will be wearing protective clothing and they will apply the herbicides with a spray. Whilst the herbicide is very effective, invasive weeds like Japanese Knotweed will grow back within a year, and full eradication will take a more invasive treatment.


Excavation is where the company will use a JCB to completely remove all of the affective area. The soil will then be reburied and wrapped in a protective coating so that it doesn’t affect any new soil.

Excavation is quite a big job and should only be considered if you have tried everything else first. You should not attempt to do this yourself; you have to hire a company that is qualified in excavation. You should expect the company to provide their own equipment as well.

If the affected area cannot be saved, then the company will completely remove the soil and arrange for it to be dumped. You have to then just start again with some new soil and hope that there is no further infection.

Soil Screening

If you have quite a large area that has been infected and you arrange to have the exterminator remove the weed, you can also ask for the soil in the area to be screened.

The company will remove the soil using a JCB and put the soil through the screener. The screen machine will separate the soil from the roots of the weeds and then the soil can be returned to the original area for re-use. The roots are then exposed of in a licensed dump.

This is massive undertaking but it some cases, it is the only way to make sure that the infected area is completely clean, with no chance of reinfection. If you have had weeds for years, then this might be your only option for getting rid of them.