Septic System

Most conventional septic systems are not rocket science but you should know what you are getting into before deciding on taking on this project yourself. There are many things to consider such as the rental of the equipment to install your own septic system, purchasing your own materials at retail, and coordinating the delivery of your materials. Proper planning and some strong understanding of how to operate a backhoe or track hoe are key. Failing to understand what is involved in each step of the installation process could end up in zero cost savings — or worse — actually paying more to install the system yourself! Please think about the details before jumping in or you could end up regretting this.

Most DIY projects pay little regard to safety, and I can assure you there are safety issues when it comes to attempting your own septic installation. Failure to consider safety could end up getting you seriously injured or killed! Digging in unstable soil can cause massive collapses of your septic tank hole or leaching fields. If you are not skilled in the operation of heavy equipment you can roll your backhoe, or end up colliding with a building.

You will see an explanation of every type of septic system imaginable. Each type of septic system is assigned its own page with a basic overview to help you better understand how these systems work. The site is also being updated with a free ebook on how to install a septic system — with attention to planning and the renting of equipment in order to insure you don’t end up paying more than necessary — as well as strong emphasis on how to operate the equipment.