When A Plumber Is A Good Plumber

Most people fix dripping taps as a matter of urgency. Economy is one reason, professionals usually charge a lot for their time that a householder may save a considerable amount of money by doing the job themselves. The second reason might be the thought of having to find a good plumber, then having a complete stranger in their homes. Beyond that chore, plumbing is generally left to plumbers. But, does the plumbing industry deliver the goods? Recently, there has been a revolution in plumbing techniques and requirements. Water supplies are under constantly increasing demand, and care and economy has become essential.

Having a carefully planned plumbing system, every household can enjoy the many convinces it offers and at the same time can keep its water consumption down.

-Repairing a dripping tap while it is still in the drop-by-drop stage saves an amazing quantity of water- a slow trickle wastes a bathful of water a day, and a steady stream wastes enough water to meet all the family’s daily needs.

-Repairing a faulty float valve in a W.C cisterns will prevent an incessant overflow that can be irritating to hear as well as extremely wasteful of water.

-Replacing an old W.C cistern with a new pan and a cistern designated to save water can reduce water consumption by many litres a day. The double flushing type makes it possible to choose whet ever to use all or only half of the water in the cistern.

-If you have a shower fitted, you can use a fraction of the hot water required for a bath, giving savings both in water consumption and in fuel required for heating

-During winter, turn down the heating just a few degrees and just put a jumper on, happy in the knowledge that you have done the right thing.