Features And Advantages of Solar Roof Tiles

Today most home owners prefer to install solar roof tiles along with the existing roofs. The traditional varieties of roof-mounted solar units are bulky and inconvenient. It is considered to be one of the best alternatives as it includes various beneficial features. The photovoltaic tiles are available in numerous shapes and sizes to suit different home requirements. It can be easily interlocked seamlessly with the existing roofs of homes.

These solar shingles include ultra thin layers of photovoltaic materials which are neatly incorporated directly into the tiles. When it is installed, it helps to convert sunlight into renewable energy which can be used to heat the homes and produce electricity. The excess energy which is produced by the shingles is stored in the grids for future usage.

Although the solar shingles are quite expensive initially, it is considered to be cost effective as it lasts for a long period of times and helps to reduce overall power consumption. Moreover, it is also eco-friendly in comparison to the other types of fuels.

Benefits of Solar Roof Tiles:

Initial Cost: Although the initial cost of installing these shingles directly into the existing roofs can be quite expensive but it produces effective results in the long run. It is essential to seek the assistance of professionals to install these tiles as it requires prior experience.

Aesthetics: One of the main benefits of choosing solar shingles is that it is aesthetically appealing. It compliments the style and existing architecture of homes without distracting the roof lines. These tiles are shaped and designed to suit all types of roofs. It can even be incorporated into traditional types of roofs quite easily. However, these tiles seldom offer complete invisibility. It is available in a range of muted colors such as purple, dark blue and so forth.

Efficiency: These tiles are made from thin films of solar cells. However, it is considered to be less efficient than the solar panels which include huge silicon based modules. But these tiles can be used in areas where it is difficult to install solar panels. It can be used to heat an entire home. The efficiency of these tiles depends on the shading, roof orientation and the exposure to solar energy. It is therefore quite important to consider these facts before installing shingles on the roofs.

Durability: Solar roof tiles have an increased life span of 30 years. Most of these tiles are designed in such a manner that it can be replaced whenever necessary. It also protects the roofing materials and insulation to generate electricity in an appropriate manner. There are many companies that offer warranties and installation assistance.

With the rising cost and non-availability of other forms of energy, it is quite essential to use renewable energy. The solar roofs are available in different shapes and sizes from many of the online stores too at various price rates. It is essential to choose companies which are branded and reputed for the sale of solar panels and shingles to maximize benefits.