Power Cleaning Roofs Like An Expert

There has been a notable interest in cleaning roof coverings recently, including a ton of inquiries concerning the things you use when cleaning your roof and how to eliminate those dark spots and discolorations. They have predicted that as much as 50-percent of all roof substitutes have been made because of the discolorations on the roof, instead of it being to fix any roof damage.

GAF roofing mentions that the usage of bleach when cleaning roof coverings promptly violates any kind of warranty on an asphalt roof as it breaks down the design of the tile. We have discovered cleaning service providers using up to 12-percent bleach, however many professionals are convinced that this kind of cleaning could lead to the roof failing within a brief period.

When power cleaning roof coverings for clients, professionals should make use of abiding by this tip: Start with a roof cleaning chemical and spray the roof. Letting it soak for a while will help break down the dirt particles. After the roof has soaked, you will want to begin spraying the roof with a lower pressure. Reserve the higher pressures for where the roofing is slimy or particularly stained. Tread lightly while the roof is wet, as it is easier to slip and fall. If you have the ability, you will want to rinse your roof with a product that deters algae growth.

Once you are done with your roof, you will want to clean all of the rain gutters. This is where the higher-powered spray is useful, as it will power through any clogs that may have built up from the dirt and debris. Take the time to scrub the gutters and make sure they are completely clean, to prevent the dirt from quickly sticking to the wet metal.

The cleaning of the roof will leave you with a home that has more value. Before you swap out your shingles due to the “dingy” appearance, you should take the time to have a thoroughly cleaning done. If you opt to use a professional cleaning service, find out what chemicals they use in their cleaning solution. You want to make sure that you do not violate the warranty on your shingles so if damage occurs, you are not out more money. Professional cleaning companies should be willing to give you the ingredients in their cleaning products, and you can take that to your roofing company to make sure the products are safe for your type of roof.