Top 6 Reasons Why Your Roof is Leaking 

A leaky roof can be one of the most devastating things to deal with. You don’t wish to have a drip bucket in your room or start dealing with mold growth every time it rains. Therefore, you need to find a quick solution when you realize your roof is leaking. Doing quick repairs by a professional is one way of fixing the leaks. However, knowing the origin of the problem is like a problem half-solved. The following are the reasons why your roof is leaking.

  1. Missing or Broken Shingles

Broken shingles are not easy to spot unless you get closer to the roof. Shingles form another layer on the roof that keeps your interiors more protected from weather elements. So, seeing a patch with a different color on the roof could mean a shingle is missing. Check for shingle pieces in your yard to confirm it. A missing or broken shingle means water can seep through the space, causing other issues. Therefore, inspect the roof to look for cracks or broken shingles and fix them immediately.

  1. Clogged Gutters

You can identify clogged gutter with leaves hanging from the inside of the gutters or lack of water flow to the downspout when it rains. Gutters are responsible for transporting water away from the roof. When clogged, it causes backflow, and water starts seeping through the crack on the roof. Fix this by cleaning your gutter. You can hire experts to do the job and consider Eaves Cleaning Toronto. This way, water can smoothly flow through the gutters to the downspout.

  1. Cracked Flashing

Flashing is pieces of metal installed under the shingles or where the roof joins to ensure it is water-resistant. Broken flashing means you have cracks on the roof. It happens when the flashing corrodes with time or is exposed to environmental elements. Look at the spot where water is seeping in and check if you can see cracks. Repair them by replacing the flashing to ensure there will be no water or moisture seeping in.

  1. Ice Dam Build Up

You can notice an ice dam at the edge of the roof. The ice dam prevents water from flowing or snow from melting. This means that too much weight is on that part of the roof, which can cause damage. Fix this by using a roof rake to remove the ice dam buildup. You can also go for ice-melting products to clear the ice.

  1. Attic Condensation 

If there is insufficient ventilation in the attic, mold starts to grow. You may also notice a foul smell coming from the attic. It happens when indoor and outdoor temperatures are stuck in the attic, causing condensation. Start by removing the mold and installing proper ventilation.

  1. Cracked Chimney

You can notice wear on the chimney. So, go to the roof and see if there are holes at the point when the chimney connects with the roof. This part erodes faster since it combines cement, sand, and water. If the mortar is broken, you have to fix it immediately. The best way to fix a cracked chimney is to get an expert to handle it.


These are six reasons why your roof is leaking. Wear and tear are inevitable as long as you are using your roof. So, know the causes of leaks and how to fix them to protect your home.

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