The Use Of Fire Resistant Doors

When building a structure such as home, office or schools we place a lot of consideration on the comfort and safety of people who will be using these structures. Yet, not all people are aware that they must include fire safety precautions like installing fire extinguishers or fire resistant doors to ensure that inhabitants of a space will be safe from the consequences of fire that will break out within the structure. Building owners and home owners should take to mind the issue that may befall their future safety. Is my building applied with fire-proofing technology? Most people would not be ready when a fire breaks out. Sadly, only a few will really heed the precautions given for making their doors a protective barrier for spreading fire.

Doors that are fire-rated are built to that can prevent the spread of smoke or flames into other areas in a building in designated measures of time. A fire door can screen fire or flame in 45 minutes, one hour or two hours after a fire breaks out. This is crucial specially if the fire is raging and there is no help that can attend to the emergency right away.

Most often, there will be delays for fire trucks and fire fighters when responding to fire. More so, if the area is located in a vast expanse where there is a certain distance to be covered first before the firemen can reach the right spot. In half an hour, the raging fire can possibly eat up all combustible materials in the building so that there will be nothing left for them to save when they finally arrive. This scenario is brutal but has been proven to occur because no one can predict how a fire can advance if there are no protective doors to seal rooms from each other.

How can you make use of a fire door? Fire door specifications should make sure that the door complies with the code so that it will be able to close immediately when a fire takes place. These doors may be placed in long hallways, stairwells and in other risky areas. It is usually the fire resistant doors that will make sure that people trapped in these structures can pass through easily. As rooms in a big building can be generally filled with smoke when a fire rises, a door like this can limit the entrance of smoke and allow people to survive the fire until the conflagration is fully controlled.

Fire door specifications are either single leaf or double leaf doors which can be swung during emergency but they can be kept open or closed through electronic means. There are a myriad of options for these doors, although the standard dimensions are also widely available. It is also possible to have a custom-fit in case you need a door to fit your building structure.

To protect life and property, it is a sensible idea to install fire rated doors which can also function as regular doors in casual days.