RV Storage – How To Prepare Your Vehicle For Summer Storage?

RVs or recreational vehicles are really gaining more and more prominence worldwide. It is a large camper – style vehicle that has its own motor and is used for a number of purposes. People use their recreational vehicles’ all year round however there are some seasons during which you need to store your RV carefully. When your RV is not in use, you need to store it properly in order to ensure that it stays compact all the time. Summer storage is extremely important for such a vehicle and before you go for it you need to prepare your RV for it. In this article, we are going to talk about how to prepare your vehicle for summer storage.

Some key instructions which you should follow for the purpose of preparing your vehicle for summer storage are given below. You should follow them wholeheartedly.

• You should first fill all the tires to the exact pressure which is recommended by your manufacturer.

• Now, you should bring down all the blinds to avoid the interior parts from fading. A sun shield could also offer you some great help in this regard.

• You should remove all the crumbs and debris from the interiors. You can do this by making use of a vacuum cleaner. You can even remove all the stains by using some cleaners.

• The outer parts of the vehicle should also be cleaned using soap and water. If you want you can take some help from your friends while doing this.

• Get rid of any moisture inside the vehicle. You got to spray some chemical to prevent moisture.

• The gas tank should also be detached from your RV as it needs to be cleaned separately.

• If there are any food items inside the recreational vehicle you need to remove them carefully. Otherwise, they might cause some problems later on.

• Another crucial thing for you to do is to remove the AC filter carefully. Clean the air conditioner and its filter separately.

• Detach the RV battery and fill the vehicle with some gas. This will further help you in preparing your truck for the summer storage.

• At last, you should consider oiling the vehicle. If you want you can even seek some professional help in this regard.

So, these are some of the crucial steps and instructions which could help you in preparing your RV vehicle for summer storage. Have a lot of fun while storing your RV.